We firmly believe the best intelligence is based on your own data and processes. We will work not just with your security staff, but with your executives and organizational units to understand how you operate and identify your values.


Threat Modeling

Whether you’re a startup business or fighting nation-state attackers, threat modeling¬†can help identify your organization’s biggest security risks. We’ll let you know what can go wrong before it does.

  • Asset Discovery and Threat Identification
  • Threat Actor Capability and Infrastructure Analysis
  • Software/Network Data Flow Threat Identification


Intelligence Development

Your success is determined not just by your hard work, but by your organization’s reputation, intellectual property, and what your employees post online. We provide intelligence tailored to your industry and organization to answer questions and meet requirements that help you succeed.

  • Continuous Brand Monitoring
  • Insider Threat Investigation
  • Market Vertical and Competitor Analysis